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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker

Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker, or as I'd like to call it, The Real Waterworld Game, or Nintendo's apology for the Virtual Boy.  I kid of course, but I cannot help but find it funny that this was made by the same company that thought Kevin Costner would make them money in the Mid 90s. Ah Angry Video Game Nerd,  if you weren't so funny I wouldn't have anyway to pay tribute to your comedy. Like most games it's very unique, but it sticks to the status quo, it was the first game to have Overworld Water Travel you can control. Not counting the Zora Flippers.  It also gave us hints that the titular Link was probably not the only Link in the world. Best of all it introduced the Fan Named and now Official Named: Toon Link, due two it's change in animation, whom unlike the other Links, that remained mute, he could talk. The sad thing though is this along with it's sequel games are the only ones I never that I taken a moment to get booed, let me explain.  I was the slow generation, basically every time I ever had a system it was a generation behind. Hell 2 years ago I was finally lucky to keep up with the Wii, but at the time this came out I had N64.  I never had a Game Cube.  The only thing close was during the playable display at Toys R Us, The Demo wasn't really that good. While my Wii could play Game Cube games and has ports for a controller I never found an adaptation. So I'll just wait until Wii-U puts it on the virtual Console.

Our Story begins in a word that was flooded, very few land masses exist save for a few islands.  Among the islanders, was Link, or rather a boy who was named after the Link in Ocarina of Time.  He was to participate in a tradition where a boy was chosen to play a part of the Hero Of Time when they are of age. This was the first of 4 games where it showed Link having to receive his clothes rather than just have them. It was Link's Birthday, so naturally it was his turn to play the Hero.  During this he see's a girl in danger being snatched away by a giant bird. Link, the good nature that he is rescues her, and in both spite and mistaken identity the bird kidnaps his sister Aryll mistaking her for the girl it took.  The real girl, Tetra is captain of a Gang of Pirates that are looking for the Tower of The Gods.  Much to their reluctance, they are tasked with helping Link rescue Aryll while uncovering a dark plot from a very familiar foe.

Thankfully there is more I can work with in this one, so it's time for, Could It Exist In Real Life?

The first thing on the list is the Pirates Charm, a stone that allows Tetra to track Link and talk to him from a distance. Could it Exist? Yes and No.  According to Crystal Cure legend happens that there used to be crystals and stones that were able to communicate with angels and other celestial beings.  Since Link is Hylian, the closest thing to a god, Tetra can contact him anywhere he goes.   The reason I say yes and no is because it's still a legend so it can and cannot be true.  This I do encourage to find out, but be warned, it could end up like Raiders of The Lost Ark.

The next thing is the Tingle Tuner, among a lot of things it can contact Tingle and Map your current location.  Could it exist? Triple Yes. The first yes is because the Tingle Tuner is just an ordinary Game Boy Advance.  You hook it up to the Game Cube.  The second yes, is that it is essentially a GPS used to track your current location and others.  The third yes, is that it is now known as a Tablet.  That's right folks, Tingle invented the Ipad.

Then we have the Deku Leave a large leave used as a fan to blow dust and debris away and as a glider.  Could it Exist? Another Triple yes.  The first yes is the obvious, because it's a fan leaf, these come in a variety of forms such as the fold out one.  The second yes is because, It also doubles as a leaf blower. The third yes is that much like the Wingsuit on the Roc's cape, the Deku Leaf was taken from another gliding concept, paragliding.  Paragliding is a hybrid between Hang Gliding and Parachuting, in which the paragliding uses thermals to keep them in the air.  However much like the wingsuit I advise you not to participate unless you are either a licensed Skydiver or in supervision of a licensed Skydiver.  Yes it's cool but it can be very dangerous.

Next we have the Hero's charm, a mask that can see how much life Link's enemies have.  This was the first and only time you can ever do this in a Zelda game.  Could it exist? Yes and no.  There is no such mask that could do such a thing. However it represents a good luck charm, hence the name.  It's not uncommon for heroes to place their faith in something, they would believe would bring them luck.

Last but not least, there is the Wind Waker. A conductors baton that is used to control the winds as well as function as this game's magical musical instrument. Could this Exist? Yes and No, much like the wooden sword it is essentially a magic wand, only in the shape of a musical conductor's tool. The real trick is what Link is conducting. Judging by the sounds that come when he uses the item, it sounds like he is conducting a choir. So in actuality the Waker is useless, it's the choir that has the real magic.

As said before, debate, argue and let me know if I missed anything. Stay tuned for, The Minish Cap.

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