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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons

Now I know what you are thinking. "Why is he analyzing two games at once." Well the reason being is shown on the covers "Play Both For the Ultimate Adventure."  For you see my friends The Legend of Zelda Oracle series is directly Linked with one an other. In order to beat the entire game you must play both.  It doesn't matter which one you play first because the story begins the same way on each of them. The items you got are all the same with a few slight differences.  Back in 2001 the crew of Nintendo have came up with a new spin the idea of what is now commonly known as a "Linked Storyline." Before Oracle, the only other game that came up with such an event was Konami's Metal Gear Solid, where the story would take more than one disc to beat the entire game.  However unlike Konami the good folks at Nintendo decided "Hey what if we just make it so both are playable, that way if they could only afford one they can pass the time it takes to ask their parents for money for the next one?" And it worked.  As for myself I didn't get them nor played them till the day emulators became hot among computer geeks. I never really got to far on either because it confused me a bit, but I wish I had.   Since this is a Linked Storyline I am gonna go for the overall story rather than the two separate ones.

Our story begins with Twinrova the two witches from Ocarina of Time, as well as the adoptive mothers of Gannondorf.  They are ticked off, because Link defeated Gannon and they want to bring him back.  In order to do that would be to light three torches, two by hand and one with the despair of the world by kidnapping Zelda; whom they also intend to sacrifice. In order for Link to succeed this time, he has to control time and nature with the help of two Oracles, Din and Nayru that are named after two of the 3 Goddesses. (Link technically being the third since he has the Triforce of courage and they represent power and wisdom.)

Now because both games have the same type of items with the few difference I am not gonna repeat myself.
It's time for another Could It Exist in Real Life?

First I am gonna start with the weapons.  Since the Seed Shooter is an obvious blow gun I am gonna analyze the ammo instead. The Ember seed is a seed that can ignite when cracked open, it is used to light torches and can burn enemies. Could it Exist? Yes and Now, the seed of ember is an exaggerated version of a mustard seed. One of the most spicy seeds on earth since this is a kid's game of course exaggerated spices are known to cause fire according to the Laws of Cartoon Physics.  However it also doubles as a fire bomb, an incendiary device that spreads fire around the blast radius.   The Pegasus seeds help Link run faster and freeze his enemies. Could it Exist? Yes  Now all edible seeds can give you energy needed to run faster, however one particular helps both that and freeze your enemies.  The Horehound seed produces menthol which causes your brain to think your body temperature to lower, which stimulates brown fat, which in turn causes you to burn more energy for that quick energy burst. If thrown on the body the menthol would stun your enemies and make them think they have been frozen.

The next Item is the Harp of Ages.   This harp is able to among things move Link quickly forward through time. Could this exist? Yes and no, there has been no proven theory that time travel is possible.  However there is such thing as time speeding up or slowing down.  During an adrenaline rush when the heart beats faster and you are under more stress, your perception is altered to the point where it looks like everything around you is slowing down.. When your heart slows down and the adrenaline dissipates, time speeds up, which especially happens during a state of sleep.  Have you ever went to sleep without dreaming and then woke up the next day like it was only a few minutes? This is because when sleeping or in a state of mind equivalent to sleeping, known as Delta wave, or dreamless sleep. Link when playing the harp, puts himself in that state in order to speed up time. How he managed to become an adult without food or water during that time is a mystery though.

Last but not least is the Rod of Seasons, the mystical device that can control the seasons at will.  Could it Exist? Yes and No. There is no Rod that can control the seasons however there are ways of controlling and creating weather like patterns. There is the always debatable Cloud Seeding. An attempt to limit the amount of precipitation using airplanes full of  silver iodide and dry ice. As of today it's effectiveness is debatable.  There are also mystical ways of controlling the weather such as Rain Dances. A ritual that is supposed to invoke Rain storms.  However much like cloud seeding, it is also debatable.

Now as always debate, argue and let me know if I missed anything.

Stay tuned for Four Swords.

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