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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

First let me go on record and say the following, yes I know what Twilight is. Yes I am well aware Link turns into a werewolf. However this game, has nothing to do with that series and I want it to keep it that way.  The word Twilight means a split between Dusk and Dawn, Light and Shadow, Good or Evil. When I think of that word I do not think of sparkling Vampires or Shirtless Werewolves. While I may defictionalize mediums I don't like in the near future, I will not for the life of me defictionalize that.   That being said this is Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, one of the darkest games in the series, rivaling that of Majora's Mask.  How is it dark, you say?  Well if you look on the cover you'll notice something very different compared to the other covers I have shown you.  More specifically in the ESRB Rating.  It is T for Teen.  The first and only Zelda Game to be rated that. May Din, Nayru and Farore help us all if they managed to make an M rated one.  That being said it also brings one part of the timeline to a close even though more games are made after, and it is also the third of 4 games that shows Link not wearing his trademark Tunic. It is also the only game to be made between the time Gamecube was discontinued and Wii was introduced. So naturally much like PS2 and 3 they made an adaptation for both consoles. I myself have the Wii version and it is awesome.

The story begins in Ordon Village, where Link, now a Rancher is tasked to deliver a sword and shield to Hyrule Castle.  However before such a thing happens, Bublins attack the villiage, kidnap the local kids and open a rift between the world of Light, and the world of Twilight, knocking Link out in the process.  Link finds himself sucked into the world of Twilight where he is forcibly transformed into a werewolf and Imprisoned. There he meets, Midna, a magical imp and resident of the Twilight Realm. (I said Realm not Zone.)  There she releases him and uses him as a horse to guide him to Princess Zelda.  It is there he learns that an outcast of the Twilight, Zant has received powers and decided to merge the worlds together.  Link is now the chosen one since he now has the physical characteristics of the "Legendary Blue Eyed Beast."  He is told that he must gather three pieces of the Fused Shadow, a powerful mask that enhances Midna's powers. While initially cold to Link at first, Midna warms up to Link and they form a partnership based on mutual help to stop Zant. But it seems that Zant is not alone in his conquest.

Now for the fun part, Could It Exist In Real Life?

Because this is a long time waiting I am gonna start with The Zora Armor.  As you'll recall in my Ocarina of Time Article I told you it was possible for a suit that helps you breath under water. The reason I said I would explain in this review was because it was now easy to explain how.  When ever Link is under water the Armor has a sort of Ninja like mask to cover his face.  This works on two reasons, one it keeps any water from entering his mouth. And two, it also provides a small air pocket. when a piece of clothing surrounds air before being submerged in water it creates a bubble of air for the person to breathe in.  This wasn't shown in Ocarina, because they probably thought "It's Magic we don't have to explain it."  Now that I got that out of the way, here are the Items.

The first one is the Hawkeye which is used in combination with the Bow and Arrow to destroy enemies from a distance.  Could it Exist? Yes, for you see the Hawkeye is nothing more than a sniper scope. However it is impossible to fit that on a bow and arrow.  Though now that I look at it, it looks like goggles. So I am guessing they are a base for night vision goggles, just replace the goggles with Binoculars. Myself I didn't need to use the Hawkeye,  I was able to take the Bublins out with my real eyes. HA!!!

The next one is the ancient sky book. This was a book full of many useful spells to help Link reach the sky castle.  Could it Exist? Yes and I am not just talking about in a mystical way either. There are dozens of spellbooks all over the world, the most commonly known ones are Book of Shadows, and Key of Solomon. They won't send you to sky castles, but they have a lot of great magical history behind them.

Last but not least, The Master Sword.  Ok I am kind of breaking my own rule here because I mentioned it before, but this one is a lot different, mainly because this incarnation has new abilities.  Such as absorbing the Sol's (Twilight realm's equivalent to the sun.) power and also curing evil.  As in any latent evil in a person's heart is purified. In Link's case his wolf form is cured.  Could it Exist? Aside from what I mentioned in Past yes.  There have been many rituals that involved the sun shining on the object of empowering.  A most popular modern day one being Solarizing water. In which a jug of water is wrapped in the color of Chakra (energy points of the human body.) whilst placed out in the sun.  Drinking that water is said to empower the chakra in which you intended.  If that could happen with Water, what's to say you can't solarize ancient weaponry like swords.  Since the Sol is the sun in the Twilight Realm, maybe the sun could power it.

Since this too was short I will do one more thing. Could the Twilight Realm Exist?  Yes and No.  According to Mythical Legend, there exists a Land of Darkness said to exist in Abkhazia. I say yes and no, because it is a myth that could go either way, and if it is true odds are it's not gonna be like the game. Hell it might even be worse.

As usual debate, argue and let me know if I miss anything. Stay tuned for Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.

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