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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Doctor Who

Doctor Who was considered one of the best Sci-Fi TV Shows in the world.  It is long running, has had 11 doctors,  5 spin-offs,  18 major story Arcs, various gadgets to go gaga for and over a billion characters and alien species to pick favorites from.  Ask any Sci-Fi geek and they will tell you that their favorite Sci-Fi show the top contenders would either be Star Trek or Doctor Who.  Of course this is word of mouth from me, so odds are I am probably full of it.

The story is simple, an alien known only as The Doctor goes on an adventure through time and space.  Along with his interchangeable human companions, and the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) a vehicle that is bigger on the inside, while the outside is disguised to look like a 1960s Police Box.  The Doctor and his friends go to interesting places, meet interesting people and do battle with many threats of the known universe.  Such as the Daleks, a group of alien racists that seek to destroy anything that isn't them.  The Cybermen who assimilate beings into their collective to create a world conquering army.  And The Master an insane member of The Doctor's race whose aspirations are for universe domination.

Because of the long storyline. (Seriously the show is still going on as I type.)  I am only gonna focus on Key points of the Doctor and his equipment.  Could It Exist In Real Life?

Let's start with the Doctor.  He is a member of an alien race known as the Time-Lords.  A race of humanoid beings with Two hearts, that has mastered various scientific impossibilities such as Time and Interstellar Travel.  They created such devices as The TARDIS and The Sonic Screwdriver.

The Sonic Screwdriver is both a weapon and a gadget frequently used by The Doctor.  Among most things it can fix something that was considered impossible to fix whilst also makes a nifty lockpick.  It was this object I first searched for a real life equivalent that inspired me to do this blog.  So needless to say I found one.  According to NBC news, Dundee University are currently working on one.  So far it is able to make things spin.  Best part is that they aren't the only one.

The Tardis is another can of worms.  For starters Time and Dimension hopping have not been proven and the only theories that claim it possible, are "Brief History of Time." By Stephen Hawking.  However the big question is something both Doctor Who and Non-Doctor Who fans have asked since 1963. "How is the Tardis bigger on the inside?"  For starters there are the practical reason.  The Police Box is camouflage.  It is designed to make the ship look unlike a ship.   By that logic the entire ship is invisible and surrounding the police box which is simply a door.  However by that logic if someone were to walk a foot beside the police box they should hit something solid.  So that theory is not out the window, but teetering. My physics is a little rusty, but it is my understanding that what keeps solid objects from phasing through each other is the electrons binding said object. However any disruption of said electrons would cause the object to be destroyed.  I believe that the time lords somehow bypass that.  How? I can only Guess rather than disrupt them they speed them up so fast its almost like they aren't there.  So logically the ship could be huge and can still fit around a town or city crowded with buildings and people without anyone bumping there heads off of it.  That is aside from hitting the police box since that can not be phased. 

Last but not least is the Doctor. Could he exist?  Well take away the fact that there is still no proof of humanoid aliens and there are various concepts of him that exist.  For example a being with multiple hearts.  An animal species on earth known as the Cephalopods. (Squids, octopi and other boneless life.)  have multiple hearts.  Some of which are capable of Regeneration as the Doctor has in various ways, from regrowing limbs to entire body reconstruction, which resulted in many appearance and personality changes.  So in a way (probably millions of years of evolution) Much of the squidlife would become the Doctor we know and love as well as the Master we know and hate. We just have to wait and see.

As usual, debate, argue, and let me know what I miss.  Stay tuned for more.

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