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Friday, 8 February 2013

Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time succeeded where Link to the past left off as becoming one of the greatest games in the history of Nintendo and changed the way we looked at videogames. It was the first game for the newly made Nintendo Entertainment System 64 (or N64 for short.)  As well as the first game ever in the series to be 3d.  It also introduced the origin of the Triforce as well as the origin of the fictional world by Hyrule.  Last but not least it also became the center point of the Official Zelda Timeline, inadvertently proving Doc Brown right....Or it may just be a fantastic coincidence.  As you recall at my Link to the past entry, I talked about a trailer that inspired me to play the Zelda games after searching I finally found it and it was just like how I remembered it. Old English narration subtitles, Link meeting Zelda, hints of things to come and ending with Link stabbing the ground causing a big burst of light to appear all with epic music in the background.  It wasn't until I got a 64 of my own a few years back that I actually played the game. And I loved every minute of it. I found out today that the music playing was "Riders of Doom." From Conan the Barbarian.  That made me respect the movie even more.

The story starts out in a place called Kokiri Forest. Where everyone listens to a giant tree with a face.  cannot age past childhood, and you have your own fairy. Except one.  Meet Link the outcast of the group since he doesn't have a fairy yet, though that's because Mido and Fado have become jerks to him about it. His only friend was Saria, a green haired girl who Mido has a crush on.  One day the Deku Tree, a spirit of the forest that takes the form of a giant face tree, calls out Navi, the only fairy left in the forest.  In case you don't remember who that is let me give you a hint. HELLO!!!! HEY!!!! AHH!!! LISTEN!!! WATCH OUT!!! Yep that's the one. Anywho, he tells her to seek Link out and partner up with him. For the Deku Tree needs him.  Turns out that mission kills him and Link gets a Green Rock and a swift kick out of the forest by Mido.  Link goes to the castle and meets some interesting people along the way. A farm girl named Malon looking for her father Talon and An Owl who keeps telling him what he already knows.  Link meets Zelda, who tasks him to get the other candy colored rocks from a volcano and the stomach of a whale, where he meets a Dancing Chief that would make Will Samspon look short, and a spoiled fish princess that forces him to get engaged.   Link gets the stones and goes to the castle. only to find Zelda and Impa running away and Gannondorf chasing them.  Zelda gives Link the final piece of the Puzzle, The Ocarina of Time.  So he could open the Temple of Time and retrieve the Master Sword. However upon taking the sword he screws up royally. Because he is a kid, he can't have access to the try force so he gets frozen and aged, To make matters worse he left the door open so Gannondorf could steal it.  So now Link has to fix the damage he's done, kill Gannondorf and save Hyrule. Wow I think Self Appointed Janitor is more appropriate name than Hero of Time.

Now for the fun part, Can It Exist in Real Life.

Our first item is a Deku Nut, a nut that can blind people when thrown to the ground.  Can it exist? Well yes, there have been several powders and explosives that rather than incinerate, would cause a blinding light to shield an escape or stun an enemy long enough for an open attack.  It goes as far back as the mythical Ninjas, who had to use distractions in order to cover their tracks and evade potential threats.

The Second Item is the Trick Arrows.  The Fire Arrow is easy to make, it goes as far back as the bow and arrow,  that's in millennia  people. The Ice Arrow all it is, is an arrow tip with Dry Ice rigged to it.  The light arrow is essentially the concept of the Deku Nut in Arrow form.  Though unlike the one in the game it doesn't drive out evil forces.

The Third Item is the bombchu, a wind up car rigged with explosives. That unfortunately has been done also, both in real life as well as many fictional mediums. I say unfortunately because there have been reports of terror activity that involved RC car's rigged with explosives.  I would have just avoided the subject altogether, but I didn't want that to be the elephant in the room. 

The fourth item is the tunics. Now I said before in Link To the Past, that the tunics reduced damage. Well Ocarina took it further by making two specialty Tunics. One was the Goron Tunic, a red tunic designed to protect you from the intense heat of the lava coming from death Mountain.  Could this exist? Yes and No there are suits that can protect you from the heat emanating from the Lava, but not from direct contact, and I once again will advise you not to test any on an active volcano. The next is the Zora suit, which is designed to help you breath under water.  Could this exist Yes, but I'll explain when I get to Twilight Princess.

The last item is the lens of truth, a goggle like item that can help you see through illusions. Could this exist, yes and no, the concept is similar to a thermograph and an xray, however they can not see through illusions.

Now because this game involves time travel there are a few tidbits thrown in here and there.  One special mention is the magic beans.  You purchase them and place them in special soiling ground. Nothing happens, and you think you got ripped off. Next thing you know, you are in the future and you look at the spots. They are now fully grown into a bush that can fly.   While the flying part is impossible this is by far the most realistic example of time travel.  If it becomes possible it can happen this way.  How in real life? Well when a tree seed is planted it takes 50 years to grow. So if one were to go 50 years into the future they would find said tree to be as big as a house.   Other tidbits include having to travel back and fourth through time to awake the Desert Sage and pissing off the Windmill guy. Also like I said above, this game is the centerpiece of the Official Timeline, every game made before and  after this either takes place before and after Ocarina of time.

Case in point, Majora's Mask next time.


  1. it is the centre piece of Miyamotos adaptation of the Zelda story..But its full of symbolism mirrred to what life is as we know it.

    1. When I first did this article at the time, Game Theory already covered bases with everything else Zelda related. So the items at least the ones he didn't cover would have at least been original on my part.